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The Tale of “The Raja’s Daughter’s Design for Love with Her Raja Spa”

A Sexy Master Bedroom With Raja Spa Ensuite to Feed the Passion Lotus

Once upon a time, there lived a Raja who had a beautiful daughter named, Annapurna. Her name was chosen by her mother, the Raja’s wife, for Devi Bhagavati, the Goddess of Food. Food was the Raja’s wife’s personal obsession, particularly junk food, and namely, tootsie rolls. Thankfully, she didn’t name her daughter Tootsie!

The Raja’s wife, Annapurna’s natural mother, a sinister soul, compulsive tootsie roll eater, addictive television watcher (1940s and '50s musicals, in particular), and an all-round wicked (step-) mother, was extremely jealous of the Raja’s loving attentions given to their daughter. And it was told that she cursed young Annapurna when she was two years old. Unbeknownst to the Raja and Annapurna, the Raja’s wife cleverly hid the big curse until the Ripening Time (a first success or first love).

The little girl grew into a true beauty inside and out, with multiple creative talents, a sensual nature and a comedic outlook on life. She made everyone laugh with her antics and warmed hearts with her gentle nature.

After many attempts to marry Annapurna off to purposely unsuitable partners, goofballs, control freaks and classic crazies, who would surely guarantee much marital unhappiness, the Raja’s Wife forced her daughter to leave. (One suitor actually came a’ callin’ wearing a big chartreuse lizard cowboy hat, a big cowhide money belt, and not much else).

“There is no room for two women in this palace!” The Raja’s wife cried most melodramatically. She forced Annapurna out and told the Raja he had been grievously disrespected by his daughter. Presenting her paid witnesses to him, the Raja was devastated, crushed and then sadly died.

The Raja’s daughter, Annapurna, sorrowfully made her way into the world, and with hard work became a successful sari designer and artist. With her first success, triggered her mother’s curse. This curse brought with it unhappiness, bad luck, strife and struggle.

One day, our fair Annapurna met a young man, fell in love and married. What Annapurna didn’t know was, with the curse now in full swing, the young man was really an old loveless miser transformed by evil magic. Annapurna’s marriage was terrible, the more she tried, the worse it got. She tried cooking delectable curry dishes to tantalize her spouse but that didn’t work. She Pinesoled herself into a stupor with all things sparkling, like diamonds and rubies to welcome her husband home. Nope. That didn’t work either. Mr. Clean himself could not have done a better job, or any other cleaning gods.

Finally, she decided to make the third floor of their home a most beautiful master bedroom with ensuite to bring love back, in the most passionate of ways, and give thanks to her Buddha. Cupid would have been proud!

BEFORE: A third floor with two rooms both with sloped roofs yearned to breathe! One dark small and narrow room with a tiny window shouted prison cell, while the other was an average size space with a walk in closet fit for Yoda. So, dear ones, walls came down, we demolished to the studs and utilized every bit of space we had in this exotic design! Layers of history, including many eras of linoleum, white glue, black tar and newspaper including a scandalous article about Errol Flynn (I do wish we could have saved it!) were removed to reveal an incredible floor! A wide-plank oak subfloor aged to perfection!

Annapurna, hearing of the Design Fairy Godmother, decided to summon her in desperation. She also knew this magical lady loved to travel!

Working tirelessly, the Design Fairy Godmother hired the best contractor, trades, artisans and artists to create Annapurna’s cesign for love featuring the ensuite Raja spa.

Walls came down between the two rooms opening the space completely. The ceiling was heightened with three skylights from RONA to bring in the heaven energies. A silly and most dysfunctional walk-in closet for a very short creature was dismantled to make way for a sexy ensuite that would spill out into the master bedroom. With angled walls, the space was tricky but she made good use with storage space on one side and new built-in closets on the other side, complete with antique French doors, and mirrors attached. This reflected light added even more sensuality.

AFTER: A sexy suede comforter with luxurious bedding, an original wide plank amber-toned floor that shines like glass, a custom his and hers closet with mirrored French doors, more custom closets built into the sloped roof, an original oil painting by Canadian artist John Nobrega, and beautiful decorative pieces enhance this sensual space.
AFTER: Simple and elegant décor accompaniments! A spacious deep closet yields tons of space for lots of saris and shoes.
AFTER: Three skylights were added, two in the bedroom, one in the bathroom, skilfully painted and detailed with a peacock and burnt orange feathered pull. Two seats for two lovers to commune, relax, read, and hold hands!

The floors were stripped of four layers of old linoleum, white glue, tar and some nasty old newspapers to reveal an extraordinary wide plank subfloor saved through time. Using MIN WAX oil-based floor varnish in high gloss, each plank was lovingly brushed with many coats until it shone like glass and glowed with many different shades of amber tones. Warm and delicious!

AFTER: A hand- carved obelisk shaped antique gentleman’s bar graces a corner with Buddhist calligraphy. A secret library/office claims a tucked away corner.
AFTER: A stunning color design creates depth, light, and optical illusion. The fiery and sensual color palette set a passionate tone!

The finest mica stone from India and China slate were used to create the ensuite. A stonewall with a falling water faucet greeted a molded iron lotus design vessel sink with sculpted iron cage, both from KOHLER. Above the sink, a custom design/built black and gold mirror medicine cabinet with Indian-style arches was installed. Two hand-painted black and gold lotus sconces on either side, from LIVING LIGHTING kissed the cabinet.

AFTER: This dramatic ensuite with black and gold accents (including the hand-painted paper holder) beckons any couple to soak in it’s luxurious deep caste iron tub, wrap up in the coziest spa towels and feel the rapture!

A European caste iron soaker tub was completed with a stone skirt and hand-cut mosaic stone pattern. Gold and black faucets from KOHLER, true works of art, graced the tub with sheer elegance. A wall niche was created to hold the precious perfumes and salts needed to sooth the soul – and the mighty beast – surely fit for the finest Raja. A true Raja spa.

AFTER: A European, caste iron, 24” deep soaker tub is surrounded by a stunning hand-cut mosaic tile design in Indian and Chinese Stone.

A toilet from TOTO, and a hand-painted black and gold freestanding paper holder completed the fixtures. The floor, in the blackest of China slate, had gold brass decorative tiles from Spain inserted in a central pattern creating a striking floor design that was so subtle, so lovely.

AFTER: Black and Gold Kohler faucets artfully grace this very seductive tub!
AFTER: A falling water faucet, springs from a stone wall, as a caste iron lotus design vessel sink catches the gentle water stream, adding even more romance! An iron Indian door-knocker is playfully used as a hand towel holder. A custom designed, medicine cabinet, is inspired by a found arched detailed mirror and all is painted black and gold. Two lotus design sconces also hand-painted in black and gold enhance the titillating atmosphere of the space.
AFTER: Every inch of space is utilized even adding a niche in the bath for precious oils and other pampering products! Mm… Imagine the possibilities!
AFTER: Let’s not forget the floor detail! The blackest of black Chinese slate is used for the floor (and bath mosaic detail). Gold brass Spanish tiles embossed with a lotus flower design are mixed with the slate tiles into a loose diamond pattern. A warm and lovely sensation for the tootsies!

A Sir BENJAMIN MOORE palette of burnt orange, gold, cream and off-white, created a color design of fiery intention. Who could resist that?

A king-size bed, mattress from KINGSDOWN, the softest of sheets, and a painting of Buddha by artist JOHN NOBREGA positioned above it, would welcome the lovers.

The Raja’s daughter’s attention to detail with the Design Fairy Godmother was like no other. Annapurna wanted it to be perfect. She wanted love and happiness in her marriage.

Ah, but the Design Fairy Godmother knew she deserved better so she added her own deep magic to this new sacred space to conjure help. She truly glimpsed into Annapurna’s heart and her loving intentions. Besides, Annapurna was a real babe!

And, so, it was done. Excited with anticipation, the Raja’s daughter brought her husband up to the new third-floor master suite. He held no expression. There was nothing but a grunt, and then he turned and went back to his man-cave.

Annapurna wept that night alone in her big bed and prayed for guidance. Suddenly, the painting above her swirled and came alive, Buddha stood in front of her, and her father, the Raja’s spirit, stood next to him.

“Fear not child, light your candles and when they burn out at daybreak, we will lift the curse of your mother.”

AFTER: Namaste, lovers! A sensual haven and sacred space.

The Raja’s daughter lit the candles. At daybreak, her husband turned back into an old decrepit miser, looking every bit as ugly on the outside as he was on the inside. She was shocked to see the truth. He went back to live with his extremely old miserly mother, the old coot, a friend of the late Raja’s wife, Annapurna’s mother. They too, wasted away their time watching television and gorging on tootsie rolls.

After divorcing, the Raja’s daughter went back to creating her sari designs and art. Annapurna found laughter again in her work and friends.

One day, as good karma would have it (and a little deep magic!), a tall, very handsome, sexy man came into her place of business. When he saw Annapurna, he was drawn to her. He made jokes and they laughed, realizing they had the same quirky, twisted sense of humor, and – get this – they both enjoy raw blended kale drinks.

They soon fell in love, and lived together in bliss for a time in her home (before moving to their new palace), enjoying her design for love master bedroom and Raja spa. It is told that they even wrote a few new steamy chapters to the Kama Sutra!

Well, my dear ones. When the chemistry’s right—it’s right! And of course, they lived happily ever after.


INTERIOR DESIGN by Andrea Carini for Your Sacred Space Interiors


  • First things first! The master bedroom/ensuite must embody the specific wishes and needs of the couple inhabiting the space – not the designer or contractor! It’s a magical place when both partners should radiate the happy face.

  • Embrace the basic needs of the space and here they are: romance, rejuvenation, rest.

  • Decide on your personal style together, a combination of looks to reflect your personalities in history. Whether it be a traditional, contemporary, Victorian, eclectic, industrial chic, country Tuscany, Caribbean beach haven, art deco, metro hotel chic, city sophisticate, zen minimalist, Hollywood den, any cultural influence, or your own creative innovation, like my favorite – Hawaiian gypsy fairy princess spa... Anything goes!

  • The bed is the focal point! Not your TV. Your bed should say: come in, lie down, relax, get comfortable, bask in this luxury, express your sensual nature, connect with your partner, pamper each other and sleep peacefully! Spend $$$ on some cozy, comfy, soft sheets that will envelop you in comfort. Spend $$$ on lush pillows and bedding to create your mood and entice you to enjoy!

  • Create another world. This is your own personal space that is your sacred space, your hidden sanctuary, the get-away and escape from work, kids, commitments and the outside world.

  • Create the right atmosphere with color. Choose a color palette that makes you both feel what you want to feel. We’re all different! According to a study in the UK, blues and greens help you get the most sleep and rest, yellows and gold are second, while caramel colors stimulate the most sexual activity (and you thought it was red!).

  • Hide the television! In an armoire, chest, dresser behind a picture or mirror… Keep it a secret. Get out your own magic wand and make it disappear!

  • Create ambiance with lighting. Beautiful bedside lamps, or a few pot-lights positioned above the bed can give you the optimum light for reading those love letters to each other! A dimmer switch (one of the best inventions in my opinion) gives you the ability to control your own lighting moods! Wall sconces create soft light. A sexy overhead light adds personality.

  • Declutter! I don’t have to explain this one – no work stuff, please. Shove the laptop in a drawer, okay?!

  • Bedside storage is great to keep down clutter. Choose night/side tables for your bed that have drawers or doors to make things disappear, like books, glasses, massage oils and any other necessary items...! Remember the magic wand theory, folks!

  • Think every inch for storage space. Whether you have the room for his and hers closets, or just get creative as in our fairytale by utilizing space in angled roofs to create storage closets. Use your space wisely and with flair!

  • Use mirrors to create portals of light. Use mirrors in dead corners, dark walls, above dressers, and even as we did in this story, behind glass doors, to create expanse and the optical illusion of space. A master bedroom should never feel claustrophobic (nor should any room). Your private lair needs to breathe!

  • Art for your mood! Choose art for your walls, and even above your bed, Choose carefully for your sacred space as the art will serve as inspiration, and affirmation of your own personal message about your space.

  • Music is another detail that helps influence the emotions in a positive way, so have your electrician install a sound system, should you be inclined. Or, if not, hide a small radio behind a potted plant! Remember Bolero?

  • Window treatments should complete your look in your spoken style and be functional to give you the privacy you need.

  • The ensuite is an extension of your master bedroom in feeling, design and mood. Decide on how many pieces you wish in your bath, and its usage for your space. Create the same ambiance whether it is a closed door or open concept. It’s your fantasy! Fill it with plush towels, and products to tantalize. When choosing a tub, choose a deep soaker for two for a delicious relaxing bath – sink into it and have fun!


© Andrea Carini for Your Sacred Space Interiors. 
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