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Transform Your Living

Established in 1998, Your Sacred Space Interiors™ is based in Toronto. Andrea for YSS creates in Toronto, New York, Everywhere!

Andrea Carini and her unique, experiential, and transformative design process, featuring The Chart™, embraces you as her sole inspiration and the secret ingredient for her design magic! As no two people are the same, a home should reflect that individual personality, with intimacy. You breathe life into your home when you add you! Andrea knows, it’s a matter of looking inside to find what you need on the outside.

Artistic skills, expansive thought, acute listening, a laser-focus attention to detail, and boundless creativity assist Andrea to create with you, Your Sacred Space™. 

At YSS™, Andrea oversees a select design team of contractors, trades, artisans, and artists, all magic-makers, to construct individual spaces, unique to her clients and signature to her company. Their exquisite works bring the right energy to any space.

She loves her teaching moments. Andrea believes in educating her clients throughout the design and renovation process.  Great decisions are made when confidence, trust, and a common language exist. A little design wisdom goes a long way and helps to manifest a successful project.

Andrea’s original concept interior designs are personalized, custom, and dynamic. Each are functional, beautiful, meaningful, and truly different, just like the people she designs for. Let’s Transform Your Living together!

A well-travelled global girl with experience living and working in other countries, Andrea brings this sensibility to her work with a respectful and sensitive approach to a variety of lifestyles. When requested, cultures are incorporated as visual elements in the home.

Andrea Carini, Your Sacred Space Interiors™, and her distinctive process, have been featured in magazines and on television.

At YSS™, Andrea’s innovative, and informed expertise will help you transform your castle into one that you love – Your Castle, Your Wishes, Your Sacred Space™!

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