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The Tale of “The Princess and Two Princes of Air, Water & Earth, A Children’s Bedroom Design Story”

Chapter Two: A Transformation – The Prince of the Water’s Edgy Teenage Boy’s Bedroom Retreat

As our story continues… Our next Royal Family, a King and Queen, had two beautiful children with incredible artistic talents fuelled and inspired by the water and air. This is the story of the eldest, the Prince of the Water. He played melodic jazz tunes on his saxophone, calming wild mythical creatures, and his Latin beats even got the kitchen staff to boogy. Although rather young, this boy had a sophisticated creative eye, the soul of an artist, with an appreciation for the unusual. (This was all pre-PLAYBOY, by the way).

BEFORE: A cove ceiling with plaster issues, dark gum wood trim,  a non-functioning ugly fireplace in the middle of the room… Where do you put a bed?

Our Prince wished for a room where he could display his own artistic pieces, listen to “cool” music, play his saxophone, watch his favorite kid programs including Much Music, chill after a hard day at school learning how to rule his land and slay a dragon or two, and go to sleep under a lovely night sky that reminded him of the sea. He had a 1920s radio that he cherished. It had been given to him by his late Grandfather, the Big King, and would serve as inspiration for his unique teen boy’s bedroom design.

The Design Fairy Godmother was called upon, three times, and on arrival she began to envision a bedroom for this Prince that would fulfil his wishes, blend his interests, give him storage space for his entertainment, and grow with him. Out came the wand and in came the most talented carpenters, artisans and artists in the land.

She found a brilliant illustration of a sea nymph resting on a rock in the middle of the ocean under a beautiful sea sky, by artist, Maxfield Parish. Ahh, the colors! This was the perfect inspiration to paint a sea sky on his cove ceiling topped off with a gorgeous star light fixture. He’ll love it!

DURING: Inspiration comes from this Maxfield Parrish illustration to create a beautiful sea sky on the cove ceiling.
DURING: These Benjamin Moore paint swatches we used in glazes to create this spectacular art ceiling.

The treasured 1920s radio was refinished, and became inspiration to redesign an antique oak 1920s cabinet into an entertainment unit/book shelf/clothing dresser, hand-painted with an art deco burl design as in the classic radio. It was lined with silver lurex radio-like fabric as in the radio and two pillows were made for his bedding design in this same amazing material. A 1940s oak desk chair was found and refinished to work with a vintage desk. Shelves were put up to display the Prince’s art with more of his art decorating the walls.

AFTER: Grandfather’s 1920s radio that was the catalyst for our design!
AFTER: An art deco teen boy’s bedroom with tons of personality!
AFTER: An antique 1920s cabinet is rebuilt and redesigned with shelves for books and entertainment and five drawers for clothing and storage. A Maxfield Parrish Sky, starburst light fixture, custom bedding, and his own teen art make this an adolescent sanctuary.

A hand-painted custom mirror from Picture It Framed was placed strategically over the fireplace mantle to reflect the details of this innovative teen space (and for the Queen to sneak a peek at her beloved son). The wall color, Benjamin Moore's Ginger Root, was placed below the plate rail to accent the sky above. The Prince of the Water’s pet gargoyle, Bert, sat comfortably on his mantel. The fireplace was filled in and used as a backdrop for a 1920’s headboard, found at the Royal Family’s country estate. Custom art deco style bedding, hotel sheets, leather pillows, leather and suede curtains – a masculine, watery, artful space that would grow with our young Prince!

AFTER: Custom, hand-painted mirror, strategically placed above the fireplace mantel, reflects this sea sky in all its glory!

Our young royal would lie on his bed and gaze at his sky each night, surrounded by things that he created and loved. His friends would come over too, lie on his bed eating Airheads and O’Henry Bars, and admire the sky. Later, when the Prince became a young man, he finally left his nurturing space to travel the world, ride unicorns, photograph voluptuous sea nymphs, play the occasional gig, and then came back to rule the kingdom – in his own poetic way of course! But when he went to sleep, he could still see in his mind, the beautiful sea sky above his head.



© Andrea Carini for Your Sacred Space Interiors. 
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