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The Tale of “The Princess and Two Princes of Air, Water & Earth: A Children’s Bedroom Design Story”

Chapter One: The Prince of the Earth and His Awesome Baby Bedroom Reno

Once upon a time, there were two Royal Families blessed with beautiful children, possessing special talents and powers only the Design Fairy Godmother could understand.

One Family, a Prince and Princess, (who have their own tale), gave birth to an adorable, baby Prince with flaxen hair. He loved all animals and they loved him, and he was happiest surrounded by the woodlands and their creatures, as he cooed in his cradle. Time for this royal child to have his own room, reflecting his Earthly sensibilities! A royal crib complete with a mattress that would be fit for his Mom, the Princess (and her Pea, as you all remember) is imperative! Storage space, perhaps a royal closet would be fitting for his many toys, clothes, practice swords, blankies and any future hidden “pets” – like baby dragons. Also, the Prince, his dad, had a penchant for 1960s memorabilia, which he wished to share with his precious offspring, so this too must be incorporated into this princely bedroom space. Who could possibly blend all of this into one harmonious space? Uh-huh… You know who.

BEFORE: An angled ceiling, no personality, no closet, little light, and, it seems, relatively no space! Used before as a guest room. How welcoming is this? Help!

The Design Fairy Godmother tuned into our little tyke, waved her wand and her merry men appeared to build the perfect closet she designed, with an organized interior. She found a sixties car fabric to create a window seat for the little Prince to later play on. Two lovely shades of green from Benjamin Moore were used on the walls. The right furniture and mattress of course graced the space with a cool rug from IKEA.

AFTER: Two shades of Benjamin Moore green define this space and serve as a lovely background for artist John Nobrega’s retro fantasy children’s painting.
AFTER: Custom closet built with an interior organization design. French doors installed with mirrors placed on the inside to create the illusion of light and space in this dark room.

His dad, the Prince, laid his '60s toys at his child’s feet and they decorated with pizzazz. And the best part… The Design Fairy Godmother whispered her artful design thoughts into the head of Canadian artist, John Nobrega, and he created an incredible fantasy children’s painting with a '60s style streetcar, two potato heads in the sky, alphabet blocks and a billboard featuring a Radio Flyer red wagon!

DURING: Photo of John Nobrega’s custom children’s painting in the works at the studio.

The little Prince drooled with pleasure and excitement, as he clapped his hands with daddy Prince’s help. All were pleased as their Little Prince of the Earth would grow into this space, become a teenager and eventually rule their kingdom, their kitchen, and yes, with all his hair products, their bathroom!


AFTER photos by Claire Louise Foster


© Andrea Carini for Your Sacred Space Interiors. 
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