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The Tale of “The Lady of the Lake Goes Condo”

Chapter 2: The Mermaid Guest Bathroom, a Small Space Design

And so it was done... The Lady of the Lake called once again upon her Design Fairy Godmother.

This time, our Lady wished to create two new bathrooms in her lake condo, one for her mermaid water nature and one for her dragon earth nature.

Our tale is about the mermaid guest bathroom, watery in feeling, and custom designed to the wishes of the lovely Lady of the Lake.

The guest bedroom ensuite, for our Lady’s many guests, was also to be used as the main bathroom for welcomed visitors, as it had a second door conveniently leading to her main living space.

Unfortunately it was long and very narrow with little room to navigate for a magical guest with extra tails, legs or tentacles! The vanity had long oversized doors, which when opened, took up most of the small space. And inside the vanity was the Black Ink Hole of no return – things disappeared into its depths unless you had a flashlight or a deep sea, electric eel’s head. Finding Nemo would have been next to impossible! The shower was very narrow, enclosed by solid walls and built for one slim fish at a time!

A typical 1970s condo style bathroom needing serious updated renovation!
This original shower is so cramped and tiny!
A thick wall that closes in the shower and houses all the plumbing will be removed. The old shower floor and walls show its pretty time has past… Many years ago!
Original track lighting (ugh!) just not functional. But with our team, we will re-configure the electrical to suit our client’s needs! A plan is coming together…

Shimmering water, mother of pearl, shells and sand, frothy foam, ocean waves, mermaid tails, and an awesome Lady of the Lake inspired a new serene space and that, dear ones, is a true magical transformation…

A rough elevation sketch for the new bath design and placement of fixtures by Andrea Carini.
A new curvy vanity to replace the old! The inspiration rough sketch by Andrea.

The Design Fairy Godmother arrived with her merry mermen this time – contractor, electrician, plumber and carpenters – as much of their work would be done while gurgling bubbles and following the condo rules.

Demolishing the old (including that shower wall) and installing the new wiring!

They demolished everything, taking down the walls of the shower too, so they could create the Design Fairy Godmother’s new roomy bath design. They added feature pot lights, shower light, and repositioned a new vanity light. The mer-plumber reconfigured the shower faucets, controls and shower-head to another wall to accommodate the new design, as well as fixing a deep oceanic condo plumbing problem – taming a dripping beast.

The electrical design plan reconfigures the fan, vanity light, adds three feature pot-lights, including one in the shower, and all new plugs and switches.
The shower plumbing was completely reconfigured to the guest bedroom wall. Because of the electrical found in this wall, there were limitations as to how much we could add or do so unfortunately no additional handheld shower!

The wall tile was artfully placed to create an expansive feeling of more width. Square white tiles were placed from floor to two thirds of the way up the wall, continuing around the room. A small, rectangular, brick style, edge tile of natural shell, white glass, and mother of pearl was inserted at the top of the white tile to further define a horizontal line. Now our space was breathing air and ocean.

The floor tile was a sand-colored rectangular shape with a subtle wavy linear texture. Our contractor merman laid our tiles across the narrow width to give an illusion of more space and also staggered them in brick formation. Ahh... Room to breathe.

A glass shower designed by the Design Fairy Godmother was installed by SHOWER DELUXE to give a larger inner space, using sandblasted glass for privacy. The textural effect was like sea froth, and the color – like the sea. A chrome towel bar/handle was installed on the glass door. Inside the shower a feature wall was finished with combined square white tiles and white glass subway tiles in brick formation. Additionally, a niche was built in, with glass shelves to store shampoo, creams, crustaceans and all things necessary for a clean, happy and presentable mermaid. Placing the glass where a thick wall used to be, gave a good four inches in the width of the new shower – tail and tentacle room to spare!

A stunning renovation for a very small and narrow bath space! Tons of storage was incorporated in this smart design to organize and welcome any guest (from the land or the sea).
The shower’s sandblasted glass finish allows privacy, but still gives an airy and watery feel. The new glass shower wall added much more space inside the shower and was placed outside the tile floor step for maximum space.
The mirror reflects another view of the glass shower in relation to the rest of the space. The shower design, completely tiled inside, leaves breathing space at the top for its glass shower wall and door.
A niche was built inside the shower with a glass shelf to hold all one’s necessary beauty products. A white glass subway tile (matching the glass in the tile insert) was added to the shower interior for design interest and texture. The shower door opens another very calming perspective.
This beautiful shower angle shows an elegant, clean, sophisticated style expressed in a small space!

All faucets, knobs, controls, shower-head, lighting, towel bars, robe hooks and even vanity handles were in a silver chrome finish to create a watery light feeling.

Curved faucets and handles grace the top of our vanity like a bird on the sand.

A calming wall color was chosen, by matching a color in our Lady’s seashell art pieces. A warm gray with aquamarine undertones, BM Gray Cashmere #2138-60 was the perfect choice above the white wall tiles to continue the illusion of depth and breath. This color was harmonious in the flow to the guest room and to the hall of the living space. Ceiling, doors and molding were painted in BM Oxford White #CC-30.

A custom vanity, designed by the Design Fairy Godmother created space and order for all the generous and much needed supplies for the Lady of the Lake’s honored guests. Custom built by IGOMATT INDUSTRIES INC., of Toronto, and painted in BM Oxford White #CC-30, with two generous doors, shelves and three drawers, this roomy vanity had a light airy look. An asymmetrical wave pattern was designed for the doors, and accentuated by a wavy vertical handle design from LEE VALLEY TOOLS. A CAESARSTONE custom countertop from ARISTON MARBLE & GRANITE LTD., in “sparkle” white adorned the top of this water fantasy vanity and glittered like a mermaid tail!

A custom vanity with wavy curves and storage to the max (three full drawers and inside shelves). Glittery, Ceasarstone custom counter with rounded profile, double medicine cabinet with more mega storage, new lights-feature pots, wall sconce and new neat electrical plugs and switches. Chrome decorative details; lovely tile choices including a shell, white glass and mother of pearl horizontal tile insert, all serves to make this bathroom serene and welcoming.

A spacious mirror from KOHLER was placed above the vanity strategically to create a window of light and depth. A rectangular mirror from LOWES was hung above the wall tile across from the shower to create an illusion of width in a very tight space.

Two hotel-style towel shelves in chrome were installed over the toilet, so her guests’ towel supply would never run out (and making a great use of small space!).

The mirror reflects another view of the glass shower in relation to the rest of the space. The shower design, completely tiled inside, leaves breathing space at the top for its glass shower wall and door.

Decorative seashell embroidered towels hung from the Lady’s towel bars. The Lady of the Lake’s own framed artwork of shells and star fish were placed across from the vanity mirror. Whoever gazes upon them, will be gently reminded of the sea...

And whoever enters the mermaid guest bath will be gently touched by watery memories of the ancestry of the Lady of the Lake...


AFTER photos by Claire Louise Foster

INTERIOR DESIGN by Andrea Carini for Your Sacred Space Interiors


© Andrea Carini for Your Sacred Space Interiors. 
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